July 20, 2009

Smart Incentives

In Denmark, a gym offers a membership program where you pay nothing as long as you show up at least once a week. But miss a week and you have to pay full price for the month. The psychology is brilliant. When you go every week, you feel great about yourself and the gym. But eventually you'll get busy and miss a week. You'll pay, but you'll blame yourself alone. Unlike the usual situation where you pay for a gym you're not going to, your instinct is not to cancel your membership; instead it's to redouble your commitment.

Src: KK's Cool Tools: How to use zero pricing

January 29, 2009

New tech for the office fridge

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags
photo of anti-theft lunch bags
"Tired of having your lunches stolen by sticky-fingered coworkers?
Anti-Theft Lunch Bags are regular sandwich bags that have green splotches printed on both sides, making your freshly prepared sandwich look spoiled.
Food-safe reusable and recyclable LDPE"

Via Make 'zine and DesignSpotter

December 31, 2008

The War on Science and Knowledge

I'm embarrassed to be a Canadian, after the news story of 18-year-old University of Saskatchewan chemistry student Lewis Casey be arrested and charged in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with trumped up charges in a blatant political attempt to save face after mistakenly raiding and arresting Mr. Casey on suspicion of producing crystal meth (methamphetamine). Okay, mistakes happen when investigating possible leads, but what appears to be potentially crass political manoeuvring of charging Lewis Casey on explosive related charges, when it is not clear that any illegal explosives were actually found.

Original article: Clandestine lab discovered Thursday not meth lab: police, The Star Phoenix December 20, re-edited December 28, 2008

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November 28, 2008

The social traveties that poverty, illiteracy can lead to

The 'Witch-Children' of Akwa Ibom
By Reuben Abati, Friday, November 28, 2008
from the Guardian (Nigerian newspaper)

original editorial

November 12, 2008

Chemistry, the illegal science?

After reading yet another story about home / amateur chemistry becoming less than welcome from government officials I have to admit I am more than mildly annoyed.

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